Acedeck® All Terrain Wheel Hota Tubeless Tire- Nyx Z1, Ares X1, Nomad N1

Sale price$29.00 USD
Quantity: 180mm Tubeless Tire * 1

180*65mm Vacuum Tires
Designed exclusively with Hota, our tubeless tire is the best tire for asphalt racers. With reinforced walls that withstand high pressure and prevent punctures, they also do well during hard carving. The tire maintains stability, and can change shape according to the pressure applied, making it a versatile and reliable option.. It can also be used with tubes.
*Please kindly note that the price for  (1) quantity is for 1 tire.
*This tire can be used with an inner tube. Acedeck Nomad and Ares CNC hub is required to achieve tubeless compatibility.

Top Features 
  • Co-developed with Hota
  • Adjustable shape for Enhanced Versatility
  • Thicker Tire Walls
  • Best tire for professionals.



    Recommended Pressure:Best air pressure is between 25 to 35 psi, but heavier riders can choose to go 40+ psi. 

  • Compatible as tubeless only with Acedeck N1 hubs 
  • Compatible with tubes with any other hubs. 

    Packing List
  • 180mm Tubeless Tire * 1 (without hub)

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