Acedeck® Ares X1 All Terrain Electric Skateboard-Belt drive

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Best Electric Longboard For Carving

  • Up to 37mph Top Speed / 40 Mile Range
  • Precision TKP Trucks Incredible Stability
  • 2-in-1 Compatible AT and Street Wheels
  • MOLICEL Battery Cells
  • IP65 Waterproof
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37 Mph

Top Speed

14000 W




The Power Beneath Your Feet

Ares X1 is built with real ambition: 2WD model comes with customized dual-3500w motors with a combined power of 7000 watts! 4WD provides even more unbelievable power delivered by 4x3500w motors.
With the fine-tuned battery, motor and controller, Ares X1 can offer stable and linear power, which allows climbing ability and speed you’ve never experienced before.

Greater Control & Cooling

Acedeck's fine-tuned FOC controller brings a silky and smooth acceleration sensation, and its innovative seal makes it more stable and durable. Furthermore, the heat sink that’s engineered with CNC precision michining provides better heat dissipation which enables the ESC to release maximum power consistently. It’s the same with braking – it all feels so responsive and intuitive, it’ll soon feel like an extension of your body.

A Battery that Delivers

A 14S4P battery pack containing best-in-class MOLICEL 21700 Ultra-High Power Cells bring a surge of power when you need it, and sustain a longer range. In figures, that’s a capacity of up to 870wh with a continuous output of 50A in 2WD and 100A in 4WD, which can facilitate a maximum range of 65km. Ares X1 is also equipped with onboard smart BMS which effectively balances the charge across the battery cells and protects this powerful battery for its best performance output.

Wobble Free

The exclusively designed CNC'd TKP trucks ensure stability during high-speed riding and, most importantly, eliminate speed wobble. And let’s face it, it looks like a work of art too.

Up the Wheel Game

Forget about the cheap plastic wheel hub, our CNC’d wheel hub brings excellent dynamic balance and stability, as well as toughness.

E-skate Eye Candy

Ultra-Large yet Ultra-Thin
The handcrafted carbon fiber deck brings stunning effects while reducing weight and providing superior strength and durability for riding. The main patterns of the board are inspired by our passion for sports and nature, striking with uniqueness.
Yet this ultra-large battery has the thinner design demanded by experienced riders. This is the first electric skateboard that can accommodate this many single-layer batteries (up to 56 battery cells) in a carbon fiber board design this sleek.

Football Pattern

Forged Pattern


Crafted by E-skaters for E-skaters

Not only are the boards built with the highest quality of materials and engineering, the comfort of riding is also at the center of our design philosophy. We test and modify the profile and surface of the board over a range of stances and shoe sizes to achieve a compromise-free board that’s comfortable whoever you are and whatever your riding style. Prepare to push your limits of comfort, response, durability, power and range with Acedeck.

2-in-1 Flexibility

Flexibility is also allowed for the wheels: you can either equip Ares 1 with 200mm all terrain wheels to explore a wider ranger or 115mm street wheels for riding in the city.