Acedeck® Stella S1 Electric Skateboard

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Most Comfortable Downhill Eskate

  • Real Kicktail For Extra Comfort Stance
  • Up to 31mph Top Speed/25 Mile Rang
  • Unique 96mm Street Wheels
  • Precision RKP Trucks
  • IP65 Waterproof

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        31 Mph

        Top Speed

        25 Miles

        Top Range

        373 Wh

        Battery Capacity

        Great Maneuverability

        The streets belong to you on the Stella S1. It’s light and maneuverable thanks to its carbon fiber deck, but it’s the kicktail extender that makes it stand out. You’ll feel the benefits at lower speeds as your lengthened foot placement gives you maximum control, just when you need it.

        Easy to Pick Up

        The CNC kicktail’s design means it becomes a handle too. Vital on the road, handy between rides.

        Street Wheels

        Custom designed and exclusive for the Stella S1, these 96mm street wheels make your ride a breeze. Fabricated in high quality rubber and scientifically designed to bring superior grip, suspension and maneuverability, it’s a bonus you’ll feel every time you get moving.

        Comfortable, Whoever You Are

        We tested the Stella S1 extensively over stances, riding styles and even shoe sizes until we found the perfect board form for everyone – without having to compromise.

        Does Exactly What You Tell It To

        We’ve optimized the FOC to put speed, acceleration, stopping and finesse right into your hands. And as a benefit, that means a smoother, quieter ride that enhances the pleasure.

        Take it everywhere

        It’s lightweight and unobtrusive, so wherever you’re going, it comes with you. Whether you’re on the morning train, taking the elevator to the office, hitting the gym or driving out into the countryside, it’s just the right size to go with you, in your hand or in the trunk. It’ll even fit in a standard locker!

        Power And Stability In Harmony

        Don’t be fooled by its compact body. Dual 1500W motors will take you to 50km/h if you want to – and that’s about as fast as an electric mini-board can go right now. But those speeds won’t have you weaving and wobbling – thanks to precision CNC trucks, you’ll have just as much stability as if you were trundling along. Exhilaration shouldn’t cost safety, and the Stella S1 delivers both.

        Best-in-Class Battery

        We excel at design and fabrication, but we know when to bow to the experts outside our lane. That’s why we chose MOLICEL® battery cells for the Stella S1 – they simply can’t be bettered for quality, power, longevity and reliability.

        Technical Specifications


        Stella S1





        Drive Mode

        Belt Drive

        Top Speed