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ESK8 Safety 101.

ESK8 Safety 101.
At first sight, an electric skateboard is deceptively simple, drawing in those who haven't stepped onto a skateboard before, and granting them speeds they'd normally associate with seasoned downhill riders.
Appearances can be deceiving; these might look like playthings, but they possess the power and swiftness of a miniature electric car, minus the protective shell and roll bars. A slight push on the remote, even in beginner mode, can unexpectedly thrust riders into intense acceleration, even on flat terrain.

Always Wear a Helmet

The most crucial takeaway from this discussion is the importance of wearing a helmet. Protect your brain. It is not negotiable. It's the single most crucial piece of safety equipment for electric skateboarding. We could stop the article here to make a point, but there's more to learn about safety and gear.
When it comes to helmets, we recommend using a classic skateboard or bike helmet as a minimum, for casual rides. But if you are looking to ride at much faster speeds, or off-road, then a full-face helmet is a great way to feel more confident in those situations. They also have the benefit, if equipped with a visor, to shield you from wind, especially in winter, and debris/flies.
Make sure that the helmet you are buying into, is high-quality and certified against different kinds of impacts, and since the best helmet is the one you wear, be cautious not to select a model that seems impractical or too cumbersome to have on hand whenever you ride

More Protective Gear

Outside of a proper helmet, knee/elbow pads, and wrist shields, are a good addition to your gear. These protectors shield your joints and wrists from abrasions, fractures, and sprains during falls. Make sure to choose equipment that doesn't hinder your ability to control the remote, or restrict your movement.
Once again, if you are a more extreme rider, or someone who is looking to be as protected as possible, many protective gear companies now have very slim full body protection jackets, that you can wear under a hoody and continue to look like a normal human being, and less like a modern samurai, if that's not your thing. You also want to have hard material padding, not soft, as the goal, when falling, is to slide until you stop. With soft padding, you will grip the road which can make the fall even worse. As people say, Dress for the slide, not for the ride.

Master the Fundamentals

Before buying one of our ultra powerful boards, ensure that you've learned and mastered skateboarding basics: how to stand, positioning your feet, and executing moves like kick pushing, turning, and most importantly, foot braking. Familiarize yourself with how to handle specific types of surfaces, such as uneven pavement or roads, and how to react to unexpected obstacles.
Learn how to fall. There is many videos online that will explain to you the best ways to fall, in different type of situations, but in short, the goal is roll (at lower speeds) without falling on your palms, and also to slide to avoid a huge impact. If you have time to think while losing control of your board, aim for the grass.

Understand the Boundaries

Familiarize yourself with the limitations of your new ride and stay mindful of your own abilities. Every rider should preferably only travel at speeds where they can halt using traditional skateboard techniques like foot braking, and at higher speeds, be aware of the consequences associated with falling at such speeds. Practicing hard braking with the remote every once in a while is also a good way to be ready if something unexpected happens, like a dog suddenly running in front of you.
Riding an e-skate at speeds surpassing their advertised top speed can be highly precarious, especially while descending. Ride at speeds that allow you to maintain control and stop effectively. Don't exceed speeds that are beyond your comfort level or skill set.
And keep in mind that e-skating is still relatively new. Drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians may often misjudge your actual speed, leading to unexpected scenarios where you're cut off, unnoticed, or caught by surprise.
Select appropriate riding locations that match your skill level. Avoid busy roads and congested areas, especially when you're still learning.

Stay Visible

During the day, but of course even more so at night, it is very important for you to be visible to others. Reflective stripes on your backpack, lights on your board but also on your helmet, is incredibly important in the dark. Our Nomad N1 board has integrated lights under the deck, to help you be visible to others.
You can also help others notice you, especially if overtaking a cyclist, or when taking a turn. You can announce yourself before an overtake, and mainly adopt the same guiding rules as you would on a bike, such as pointing in the direction you are going to turn in, before taking the turn.

Regularly Inspect Your Gear

An electric skateboard, unlike most other mobility devices, is subjected to a significant amount of impacts and vibrations. Over time, these forces can lead to the loosening of bolts and nuts. Although we apply Loctite to secure our products whenever feasible, the possibility of this occurring remains, particularly with screws and bolts that you have manipulated previously. To ensure your safety, it's important to conduct a thorough inspection on a weekly basis.
Regularly examine your electric skateboard, remote control, and safety gear for any indications of wear and tear. By maintaining this routine, you'll be able to confirm the proper functioning of all parts, and in so, minimizing the potential for unexpected malfunctions.

Ride responsibly

Be a responsible rider by following traffic rules and guidelines. Practice good etiquette to maintain a positive image of electric skateboarders in your community. By adhering to these basic safety practices and investing in the right gear, you can enjoy the excitement of electric skateboarding while minimizing the risks associated with the sport.
Always prioritize your safety and the safety of others when riding, that's the Acedeck way.

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