Warranty Policy

The following is covered by our Warranty:

Acedeck offers a 1-year warranty for the Mechanical components of our boards, including the deck and truck, and 6-month warranty for the electrical components, including (1) Hub (2)Motor (3) ESC (4) Battery (5) Remote (6) Charger.

Parts such as Wheels, Ball Bearings, belts, All lights installed on the board, and Griptape are not covered by the Warranty.
The Warranty does not cover damage to a Product that, in Acedeck’s opinion, has been damaged due to:
  • normal wear and tear;
  • transport or shipping of the Product;
  • theft of the Product;
  • unauthorized disassembly, tampering, alterations, modifications, or repairs being made to the Product;
  • use of the Product for a purpose other than as expressly described by Acedeck, including for commercial purposes, or unusually high or excessive usage of the Product during the Warranty Period;
  • abuse, misuse, negligence, improper use or accidents, including using or storing the Product in adverse environments (including damp, sandy, or corrosive environments), water damage, dropping the Product onto the ground or colliding with objects;
  • use of the Product in a manner contrary to law; or failure to comply with any user manuals or guidelines provided by Acedeck from time to time for the Product, including maintenance and storage obligations.
    The Warranty does not cover Consumable Components for the entirety of the Warranty Period.
    Acedeck will not repair or replace a Product if the Customer has been refunded the Purchase Price for the Product.
    Caring for your Acedeck skateboard
    • Avoid riding it in rain, mud, or other damp conditions.
    • After using the board, please wipe the surface with a clean & dry cloth. Store it in a dry place to prevent corrosion and dust.
    • Do not use any chemicals or solvents to clean the board.
    • Do not store the board in damp conditions.
    • Do not place the board near an open flame or where the temperature is too high.
    • Do not store the board near flammable or explosive materials.
    • Bearings have better sealing for protection from water, but may still rust and corrode after prolonged exposure to water. Although corrosion does not affect normal function, it can cause increased noise.
    • When the battery of the remote control or skateboard is low, please charge it in time to avoid damage to the battery.
    • If you do not plan to use the board for a long time, please store the charging pad separately and recharge it at least once a month (ensure the battery is charged to above 30% each time). The battery can potentially be damaged if the level is below 30% for too long.

      Delivery cost for warranty returns
      • Within the warranty period, Acedeck will cover shipping costs for any return/exchange needing to be undertaken due to the wrong item being received, or an issue covered by the warranty.
      • Within the warranty period, the customer will need to cover shipping costs for any exchange needing to be undertaken due to an issue not covered by the warranty.
      • If the warranty period has expired, the customer will need to cover shipping for any exchange needing to be undertaken.