Acedeck® Nyx Z1 Off-road Electric Skateboard 2023

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Nyx Z1 has taken the industry by storm in 2022 being the industry first pre-built gear driven electric skateboard. Now, in 2023, we're taking an enormous leap forward with a series of extraordinary upgrades. Brace yourself for an upgraded gear drive system, an unparalleled ESC that unleashes unmatched power, and a multitude of other enhancements that will leave you in awe.

  • Industry Leading Gear Drive Technology
  • Game-changing 120A ESC
  • 2 Configurations
  • Up to 37mph Top Speed/49 Mile Range
  • Sleek Look & Premium Finish
  • Precision Trucks & Hubs
  • IP65 Water Resistance
Z1 2023 / Z1 Street:
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Variants: Z1 2023 - 14S5P Samsung 50S (1295Wh)
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1.14S5P Molicel P42A (1087Wh)
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2. 14S5P Samsung 50S (1295Wh)
  • US: Domestic Delivery (1-7 Days) in 48 hours
  • EU: Domestic Delivery (1-7 Days) in 48 hours
  • AU: Sea shipping (40-60 days) or Air shipping (12-14 days) from China in 48 hours
  • Other Countries: Standard shipping from China in 48 hours.

      49 Miles


      37 Mph

      Top Speed

      12000 W




      Embracing the Extraordinary

      Custom Gear Drive System

      2nd Gen Gear Drive

      Inherited from the acclaimed Z1 series but even 40% lighter than it.

      More Efficient

      1:4.4 gear ratio, maximizing transmission efficiency and minimizing heat dissipation.

      2000km Maintenance-free

      Custom polyurethane gear coupling. Absorb shocks and wear, extend its lifespan.

      Developing our first electric mountainboard has been an absolute blast. We’re taking a different approach - custom gear drive. Currently, most mass-produced off-road boards on the market don’t use gearboxes. Our CNC precision gearbox design prevents objects like rocks and sticks from getting in and interfering with the mechanical parts during off-road driving. That means a more efficient riding experience. Gear drive also offers reduced wear and maintenance costs so you can enjoy Nyx Z1 for longer. All these benefits make for a thrilling riding experience, and that’s before we’ve mentioned the sportscar-like sound it pumps out!

      A Giant Leap

      Experience a huge advancement in Z1 with our game-changing 120A ESC. Prepare to be blown away by silky-smooth power delivery of our fine-tuned FOC, amplified by a CNC heat sink for maximum performance. With the ability to unleash up to 120A of raw current, take full command and dominate the ride like never before.

      The Absolute Power Beast

      The customized 6890 motors feed impressive amounts of power to Nyx Z1. A single motor can reach a maximum of 6000W, which none of the pre-built boards currently on the market come close to. You’ll always have more than you need in the bank. Simply push the throttle and brace yourself as the power bites.

      A Battery That Delivers

      Experience Extended Rides

      Choose your preference to endless exploration with our dual battery options. Opt for the renowned 14S5P Molicel P42A, offering a robust 1087Wh capacity, or elevate your journey with the impressive 14S5P Samsung 50S configuration, delivering an astonishing 1295Wh for extended range.

      Maximum Performance

      Our customized 3mm nickel-plated copper strips for the connection certainly help. They can easily carry a 100A discharge current to maximize battery performance.

      All about Offering the Best Off Road Experience

      Every part of Nyx Z1 is built with the best off-road experience in mind. Apart from the 140 mm ground clearance and on-the-board battery box, we've designed 4 features to maximize the riding experience.

      Greater Strength

      The 12mm bearings can withstand a great deal of drop pressure during offroad riding. Custom CNC engineered trucks have always been our biggest source of pride and joy. Nyx Z1 is also equipped with them. Blending engineering and aesthetic design, these trucks also help us to reduce weight while maintaining strength.

      Tough Yet Flexible

      The deck is constructed from layered bamboo, Canadian maple, carbon fiber, and fiberglass to offer toughness and flexibility during offroad riding.

      Better Steering

      PU with two hardnesses is standard to meet the needs of different steering sensitivity.

      Convenience In Mind

      Holes for heel straps for extra convenience.

      Engineering Tolerances Unseen In The Industry

      Technical Specifications

      Top Speed



      Up to 70km/49miles

      Drive System

      Gear Drive


      14S5P Samsung 50S, 25Ah,1295Wh

      14S5P Molicel P42A, 21Ah,1087Wh