Shipping & Delivery

Pre-order Products

Please note that products marked with a 'Pre-order' label are either still in production or en route from our factory in China to warehouses in each country. The door-to-door shipping time will only begin once the products leave the factory, so please expect a longer waiting time. You can upgrade to air shipping (By Air) for faster delivery! See the estimated timeline below for delivery based on your shipping country.

Available Now

If a product is marked as 'Available Now,' it means that it is currently in stock at one of our local warehouses, so you can expect a shorter shipping time.

Estimated Delivery time = Order Processing & Dispatch + Shipping Time (depends on shipping destination)
  • Order Processing & Dispatch: 48 hours (2 working days)
  • Depends on where the package is being shipped from and to. The estimated shipping time can be found below
Please note that the below times do not include the processing and packing of your order. If you place an order on a Friday, weekend or public holiday, it will take longer to dispatch it to you.
Please note: cost includes shipping, taxes & duties. The package is exceptionally long and tall which results in a relatively higher shipping cost.
Domestic delivery will only begin after the local warehouses are in stock.
United States
  • By Air (12-15 Days)
  • By Sea (35-40 Days)
  • Domestic Delivery (2-7 Days after product reaches your local warehouse)
Luxembourg, Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Hungary, Lithuania, Finland, Austria, Sweden, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Ireland
  • By Air (12-15 Days)
  • By Land (50-60 Days)
  • Domestic Delivery (1-7 Dayafter product reaches your local warehouse)
United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland
  • By Air (18-20 Days)
  • By Sea (60-65 Days)
  • Domestic Delivery (12-18 Days after product reaches your local warehouse)
  • By Air (15-18 Day)
  • By Sea (50-60 Day)

You can shop locally at our official Canadian website for faster domestic delivery and post sale service.

For products that are not in stock in Canada, the shipping options are below:

  • By Air (12-20 Day)
  • By Sea (50-70 Day)
  • Domestic Delivery (5-8 Days after product reaches your local warehouse)
  • By Air (10-20 Day)
  • By Sea (50-60 Day)
Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Japan
  • By Air (7-30 Day)
Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan
  • Express Delivery* (3-7 Day)
United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah
  • By Air (15-20 Day)
    New Zealand
    • By Sea (50-60 Day)
    If you are from other Regions, please email for more information.