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The Acedeck Shock-Absorption System

The Acedeck Shock-Absorption System

At Acedeck, our commitment has always been to never settle and to continuously focus on innovation where it makes sense, providing our riders with the best technology possible. This year, we are proud to introduce our new shock-absorption system. While other companies have attempted to implement it in electric skateboards before, we believe we have found the perfect solution: a compact yet super durable mountainboard truck technology that maintains the feel of a traditional truck system with expected and nimble turning behavior. Here's how we achieved it.


What are the benefits of shock-absorbing trucks?

Let's first understand what this system is. It consists of four independently moving control arms, each equipped with a suspension shock and fitted with the four wheels that you would be riding on. Similar to a car, though our design is more akin to the suspension systems you'd find in an RC car.


The benefits in stability are quite obvious. Unlike a traditional longboard or mountainboard truck, where each wheel's movement is interconnected, our system allows each wheel to move vertically independently from the others.

This means that your board will handle bumps and off-road terrain remarkably well. On a traditional truck, a bump would raise one wheel, directly affecting both the truck itself and the opposite wheel, since they are not independent. This can cause the board to turn unexpectedly, often leading to a speed wobble as the rider overcompensates for the change in direction. With our system, each wheel can roll over bumps independently, aided by its suspension, with minimal impact on the deck or the opposite wheel. In simpler terms, it makes the ride a lot more stable and in that, safer.


This also goes without saying, but the combination of the independent arms, supported by quality KSpeed spring suspensions, and the slightly flexible deck of the Nyx Z3, creates an incredibly comfortable ride. Whether you're navigatingoffroad terrain or bustling city streets, this setup ensures comfort. It's particularly beneficial for extended rides, (90km+ with the 14s6p battery) alleviating knee and joint pain, or simply for experiencing the sensation of riding on a cloud over any terrain.

Off-road capabilities

Just as a mountain bike performs much better off-road than a standard city bike, so does our Nyx Z3. The clear advantages stem from having a suspension system that aids the board in navigating challenging terrain, overcoming roots and unexpected rocks, while also softening falls and jumps. This feature allows riders to stay on the board longer without falling, whether they're using bindings or not.

What makes our solution the best one?

Channel Truck Setup

Unlike solutions from other manufacturers, we've successfully integrated this technology with a Channel Truck platform. This ensures that the turning behavior and capabilities remain consistent with those of a standard board equipped with channel trucks, and are very similar to TKP trucks. In contrast, other solutions often suffer from reduced and unpredictable turning performance, making them uncomfortable to ride, and harder to avoid trees or take sharp turn in the city. Moreover, our traditional deck mounting system utilizes a simple baseplate attached to the deck. This design allows for easy adaptation of our suspension truck system to different decks with the appropriate nose and tail angles, while also simplifying maintenance.

CNC 7075 Aluminum

In contrast to other solutions on the market, where control arms are often made from cast or molded aluminum, which is prone to snapping under load, we opted for CNC machined arms crafted from 7075 aluminum. This material is considerably stronger than cast or 6061 aluminum, capable of taking significantly more abuse.

Clearance & Gear Drive

In off-road conditions, ample ground clearance is essential, both under the deck and the drive systems. Many existing solutions in the market fall short in this aspect. A true off-road board requires the battery to be positioned on top, safeguarding it from impacts and significantly enhancing clearance, enabling riders to navigate most obstacles worry-free. This is why the Z3 stands out as the first suspension system board with a top-mounted battery.

Furthermore, ground clearance beneath the trucks and drive system is crucial. That's why we've adopted a fully enclosed Gear Drive system, which is 30% smaller than our previous generation Gear Drive. This approach surpasses belt drive systems, which can limit tire size choices or take most of impacts. Our steel-on-steel, heat-hardened gears in a fully enclosed system ensure riders never have to worry about debris, pebbles, or small sticks entering the drive or breaking a belt. With our system, riders can simply focus on enjoying their ride in nature without worry.


From a distance, suspension systems in most land vehicles may appear similar: springs, pivot arms, drive systems. However, upon closer inspection, it's evident that we've meticulously examined every aspect to identify the ideal solution for each, ensuring riders experience the most comfortable, stable, and secure ride possible. With features like 7075 arms, a traditional turning method, compact and fully enclosed gear drives, and most importantly, a proper off-road setup, our aim is to take you anywhere you desire. We hope you appreciate the direction we've taken with this project, and we can't wait to show you the capabilities of the Acedeck Nyx Z3.

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MD Tarek Sheikh

MD Tarek Sheikh

really great shock absorving solution that i ever seen

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