2.7 s
Reach the Peak Speed
37 MPH
Top Speed
34 Miles
Top Range
90 A


Nomad N1


Nomad N1 is Acedeck's first gear-driven all-terrain electric skateboard,and it is poised to be the most powerful and enjoyable off-road board available in the market to date.
90A ESC 3.0
New Optimized Truck
Split Angle Deck


Experience the perfect combination of raw

power and smooth performance with the

Nomad N1.

Powered By The Best Gear Drive Innovation

As the first production brand to incorporate a gear drive on a mass-produced electric mountainboard (you knew it, it is the Nyx Z1), Acedeck has been revolutionizing the production board industry with our bold innovation and stable engineering technology.

Our customers will be thrilled to discover that the Nomad N1 is powered by our cutting-edge Gear Drive Edge, the latest addition to our arsenal of engineering marvels.

Upgraded ESC
Nomad N1
A new generation 60A ESC with a 20% performance boost compared to previous generations,and a 90A ESC transplanted from our popular Z1 series, offering even more power and performance to satisfy the most demanding riders.
performance boost

6384 Motors

Customized motor



Nomad N1's unbeatable power comes from its 6384 motors, the most powerful in its price range, delivering unmatched performance that surpasses even the common 6374 motors found on other boards in the market.

Best-in-Class Battery

Fueling the Nomad N1 is a 14s battery cell configuration that delivers a voltage output of an astonishing 58.8v, exceeding the industry standard 12s configuration that can only provide 50.4v. With a 17% reduction in energy consumption,this bold choice of battery configuration is the ultimate formula for power, endurance, and sustainability - making N1 envy of the industry.


Road Ready Light

Our grip tape, inspired by a starry night sky, seamlessly

blends with vibrant LED lights, resulting in a

breathtaking aesthetic that's bound to leave an



CNC Truck

CNC Gear Drive

CNC Gear Box

CNC Heat Sink

Carbon fiber battery box

All For


Perfect Riding


Excellent Carving Capabilty

Experience the ultimate in riding with our meticulously crafted 11-inch TKP trucks, finely tuned to provide the most comfortable rebound and perfect 45° angle for optimal flexibility with every turn. Precision-engineered with CNC technology, the truck is not only accurate but also visually stunning.

180*65mm Hota Tires

Designed exclusively with Hota, our tire is perfect for any riding condition. With reinforced walls that withstand high pressure and prevent punctures, the tire maintains stability and reduces energy consumption by changing shape according to the pressure applied, making it a durable and reliable option.

Angled for Maximum Thrills

Introducing our game-changing new deck that will transform your riding experience with the Nomad N1. This split-angle design draws inspiration from downhill longboard decks and incorporates inverted nose and tail angles to create a unique stance that provides unrivaled stability and confidence at high speeds, while still being highly maneuverable and agile around corners.

Unbeatable Strength

But the beauty isn't just skin-deep. Crafted with high-end snowboard manufacturing techniques, the deck features a blend of bamboo, fiberglass, and maple wood for unbeatable strength and durability.

Power Your


Your Way

We understands that every rider is unique,

which is why we offer three distinct

configuration options to choose from.Choose

your ride with belt-drive or gear-drive systems,

longer battery life, and specific performance

outputs, Your Way!


4.3 Ratio

Belt Drive

With a transmission ratio of 4.4 and CNC wheels,
you can easily customize your ride by switch to street wheels.


4.3 Ratio

Belt Drive

Achieve a superior transmission ratio of 4.4 with the quiet,
efficient helical gear design.

Which board suits
you best?

Nomad offers three different configuration options to cater to diverse preferences. Choose your preferred drive system, power output, and battery configuration to align with your needs.