Ares X3

Ares X3: Why did we make a 4WD Direct Drive board?

Ares X3: Why did we make a 4WD Direct Drive board?
Hi fellow riders!
We just released a new product, the Ares X3, and it's quite a unique proposition, and a lot of people are asking us a simple question: Why?
Why are we releasing a 4WD, direct drive, carbon fibre board, street wheels only, when most people aren't even considering direct drives anymore?
Our goal has always been to make the boards we would want to ride, boards that don't exist in the current market, or that other companies aren't doing well. That's always been our motto. And we believe the Esk8 market is in dire need of better, true high-performance boards focused on street wheels, and is focusing too much on very comfortable but sometimes less exciting/engaging AT boards. And current street boards, even the most expensive ones, aren't fitted with the premium parts and technologies found on AT board, and are usually considered budget-boards, with cheaper parts, smaller batteries, and a ride quality more akin to a basic longboard.
We know we aren't the only ones who love riding urethane street wheels, Boas, Abecs, Dadbods Madwheels or even rubber wheels, who love to be as close to the ground as possible, to get that gliding feel, and are tired of having to compromise that with performance. Who want a board with a focus on traditional downhill longboarding, for professional riders. And this is why we are making the Ares X3.
Why Direct Drive, 4WD?
Some of you might be aware that at Acedeck we love gear drives, and still offer belt drive options as well. But neither of these options give you the free-roll and low profile of a real longboard, and even though our gear drives are super quiet, and do offer low rolling resistance, they are stuck to one wheel to gear ratio, and require more clearance. Belts are loud, and swapping wheels takes many minutes and fiddling around. And then there's hubs. Quiet. Great free-roll. Low-Profile. But any street wheel rider will know that they are not comfortable, and you can't use your favorite wheels with them.
That's where Direct Drive comes in. They have all the advantages of hubs, without the negatives. Wheels are incredibly easy to swap, Kegel or ABEC cores, just as quiet as hubs, if not more. Better heat efficiency, 0 maintenance, and as we said, true free-roll.
But there is one negative with DDs, and that is torque. Even the strongest 2WD DD boards just don't have enough power of the line for us thrill seekers, and don't climb hills as well as belt and gear drives. Well, 4WD more than makes up for it. Not only does it now give you plenty of performance, it also allows for improved grip all around, and better cornering when taking turns at high speed. Those 4 motors are paired with two 50A ESCs, for a total of 100A, and a 14s3p Molicel P42A battery. Specs worthy of a premium AT electric skateboard, but again, for street wheel enthusiast. And note that with the true free-roll of DDs and much smaller wheels, you get MUCH better range out of that big battery than an AT board.
All of that is fitted on the first split-angle carbon fiber deck on the market. +5° at the front, -5° at the back, just like what you would find on many professional downhill decks. With street wheels even more so than with AT wheels, rigidity is extremely important, when it comes to stability but mainly responsiveness. You will never see a flexible downhill deck. This is why we chose carbon fiber and internal reinforcement, but also to keep a slim and sleek design.
Here you go. This is why we made a board that we know is unexpected, and breaks the standards of the industry, and that maybe not everybody is asking for. It is truly a passion product, that we can't wait to share with our fellow street wheel lovers, pro riders, and traditional downhill enthusiasts.

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