What's Changed on Ares X1 2023?

  • Upgraded ESC: Experience the next level of performance with the X1 2023's 90A ESC, delivering enhanced speed and power.
  • Gear Drive: The 2023 version features our celebrated helical gear-drive, while the 2022 version utilizes a belt drive system. Gear drive offers a host of advantages, including high torque capacity, low maintenance requirements, and outstanding transmission efficiency. However, if you lean towards the belt drive system, our Nomad N1 provides an array of options tailored to your preferences.
  • Streamlined Configuration: The X1 2023 retains the 2WD configuration, focusing on optimized performance and handling. We've discontinued the 4WD option since our new ESC will deliver more than enough
    power in 2WD.
  • New Tires: Get ready for enhanced torque and traction with the X1 2023's 180*65mm street tires, built in collaboration with tire specialist HOTA. Compared to the previous generation's tires, the wider width and smaller diameter provide improved performance and a better riding experience.
  • Upgraded Structure: We’ve upgraded the X1 2023’s bushings with a better PU formula and configuration, to improve the steering angle, and reactivity of the board, for more control and manoeuvrability.
  • New Trucks: The X1 2023 also features our new-gen CNC trucks which has improved material and performance. 
  • Samsung 40T Battery: We've replaced the battery with the Samsung 40T, offering excellent discharge rate performance, but at a more affordable price point.