FAQ Of Ares X1 2023


Q: What are the key differences between X1 2023 and Nomad N1?

A: X1 2023 and Nomad N1 share similar performance, both equipped with a 90A ESC, gear drive train, 14S4P Samsung 40T battery pack, and 6384 motors. 

However, they differ in deck material and structure. X1 2023 boasts a premium carbon fibre integrated body design for a sleek appearance and exceptional strength, while N1 incorporates a multi-layer composite material.

The riding experience also sets them apart. X1 2023 prioritizes high speed and stability, while N1 takes inspiration from downhill skateboarding. Choose X1 2023 if you prefer outstanding performance and a classic all terrain skateboard design with carbon fibre aesthetics. Opt for N1 if you're intrigued by the concept of downhill skateboarding.

Q: Ares X1 2023 Edition vs. Nyx Z1 Street Edition: What's the Difference?

A: The X1 2023 and the top-tier version of the Z1 Street offer similar performance: Both models feature a gear drive, 90A ESC, a 14S4P Samsung 40T battery pack, and 6384 motors, known for their excellent performance. 

The main differences lie in the deck shape and structure. The X1 2023 is a classic 2-in-1 all terrain board with a rigid carbon fibre deck, while the Z1 Street embraces a traditional Mountain Board structure, offering some deck flexibility and resilience for off-road terrains.

Additionally, the Z1 Street is available in two versions, one with a 14S3P battery pack and the other with a 14S4P battery pack, to accommodate different preferences.