FAQ of Stella S3

1- Why does Stella's powertrain use 50A ESC and 6355 motors?
1) After receiving extensive feedback from high-level players, it has been observed that they are accustomed to using high-end skateboards with powerful output. Therefore, it becomes challenging for them to accept a relatively weaker power system when selecting a mini board.
2) In order to achieve high power output for the mini skateboard, Stella implemented the 50A ESC from Acedeck's flagship Ares X1 and incorporated a 6355 high-power motor.
3) The 6355 motor boasts an impressive output power of up to 1500W, making it renowned in the industry. It is widely utilized in the middle to high-end electric skateboards due to its exceptional power performance and stability.
4) Overall, the power performance of the Stella S3 skateboard is on par with its predecessor, the Ares X1. In the same price range of mini boards, it offers superior power performance compared to other products.

2-Why do we recommend 13S power systems?
1) The Stella S3 features a 13S power system, which, despite being more expensive than 10S and 12S systems, offers superior performance and enhanced durability.
2) With a voltage of 54.6V, the 13S power supply system surpasses the 42V and 50.4V voltages of the 10S and 12S systems, respectively. As per the power formula P(power) = U(voltage) * I(current), this higher voltage translates to a greater output power for the 13S system compared to the 10S and 12S systems. Consequently, you will experience stronger acceleration and braking capabilities with the 13S power system.
3) Additionally, the 13S system operates at a lower output current while delivering the same power output. This lower output current significantly extends the battery life compared to the 10S and 12S systems. Therefore, you can expect a longer lifespan for your power system with the 13S configuration.

3- Why do we choose Samsung 40T 21700 cell? And the combination of 13S2P?
1) Considering the limited battery compartment capacity of mini boards, there is typically an upper limit on the number of battery cells. Stella mini stands out in this category by incorporating the industry's largest battery compartment, accommodating 26 cells of the 21700 format. Consequently, Stella mini boasts the largest cell specification among mini boards in the industry. The Samsung 40T cell exhibits outstanding discharge performance, with a maximum sustainable discharge current of 35A and a discharge rate of 10C. Due to the constraints on the number of cells, only 2 sets of parallel connections are feasible, demanding high requirements for each individual cell's maximum discharge current. This configuration necessitates at least 25S continuous discharge capability. By selecting Samsung 40T cells, we have allowed for a significant safety margin and greatly contributed to the battery's longevity.
2) To ensure the highest product quality, we exclusively utilize batteries from renowned and reliable brands such as Samsung and Molicel. These brands have earned widespread recognition within the industry.
3) These batteries exhibit exceptional durability and cycle life.

4-Why we choose Belt Drive instead of Direct Drive?
1) Belt drive motors offer greater torque and comfort (as they have 4 freewheeling wheels). The wheels have thick tires to reduce shocks and provide stronger braking compared to hub motors. However, in the event of a belt breakage, the belt needs to be replaced. Belt drive motor boards also tend to have higher noise levels than hub motor boards.
2) Hub motors are quieter and easier to maintain compared to belt drive motors (as there is no need to replace belts). They are also more cost-effective. However, they have slightly lower torque, comfort, and braking performance compared to belt drive motors.
3) Advanced riders prefer belt drive motors over hub motors, as belt replacements are easy and cost-effective, offering more powerful torque and a comfortable riding experience.
If you desire better performance and an enhanced riding experience, choose a belt drive motor.

5- Should I get 115mm Rubber wheel?
It really depends on your specific requirements. If you have smooth road conditions, I don't think it's necessary to invest in the 115mm rubber wheels. However, if your roads are not in the best shape, I would strongly suggest considering the rubber wheels. They will significantly enhance comfort on challenging terrains, reducing torque and range by approximately 15% to 20%. However, there's no need to fret because our Stella mini boasts a high-voltage 13S system and a robust 374Wh battery. This ensures impressive torque and range, even if you opt for the rubber wheels. Interestingly, about 55% of our customers who purchase the Stella mini also opt for the 115mm rubber wheels. Hence, the choice ultimately comes down to your specific preferences and requirements.

6-Why do you need a high-capacity 374Wh battery?
1) If you opt for a larger battery, you'll initially enjoy an extended range and a longer battery lifespan. With a larger battery, you won't need to recharge as frequently as you would with a smaller battery. For instance, let's say you ride 1000 miles. If you use an 180Wh battery, you may need to recharge (and discharge) it around 100 times. However, if you use the Samsung 374Wh large battery, you'll only need to recharge (and discharge) it around 50 times. Therefore, the degradation of a high-capacity battery is significantly lower compared to a smaller one, resulting in a longer overall range.
2) Additionally, you'll experience less voltage sag with a larger battery. As a battery nears depletion, the board's torque and maximum speed will noticeably decrease. So, if you use a smaller battery, you'll more easily perceive voltage sag. However, with a larger battery, the voltage drop will be slower due to its higher capacity. As a result, you'll notice significantly less voltage sag compared to a smaller battery, greatly enhancing your riding experience.
Therefore, we highly recommend purchasing a larger battery. While smaller batteries may seem more affordable initially, they degrade faster, leading to the need for battery replacement sooner and higher costs in the long run. Investing in a larger battery from the start will save you money in the future.

7-What are the advantages of 54.6V (13S) high voltage power system?
1) Increased Torque - Higher voltage provides greater torque. According to the power formula P = U * I, with the same current (I), if the voltage (U) increases by 20%, the power output (P) and torque increase by 20%.
2) No Voltage Sag - All electric skateboard riders experience voltage sag. As battery capacity and voltage decrease, the board's torque and acceleration gradually diminish. However, high-voltage power systems address this issue. Stella utilizes a 54.6V high-voltage battery. Even when the battery is nearly depleted, it still maintains a high voltage of 41.6V, ensuring you can ride without experiencing significant voltage sag from 41.6V to 54.6V.
3) Reduced Heat and Increased Durability - At the same power level (P = U * I), if voltage increases by 20%, current can decrease by 20%. According to Joule's law (Q = I²Rt), the reduction in current significantly decreases heat generation in the power system (motor, controller, and battery). Lower current also extends battery life, making the power system more durable.
4) Increased Maximum Speed without Sacrifice - There are various methods to increase maximum speed, such as raising the motor's KV value or lowering the gear ratio, but they often come at the expense of torque and efficiency. However, increasing maximum speed by raising voltage doesn't require sacrificing torque and efficiency. It preserves both, resulting in powerful and linear acceleration during high-speed riding.

8-Unleash your potential with our exceptional deck design.
1) We have partnered with a top-notch factory renowned for producing high-end snowboards, utilizing the same premium materials and manufacturing techniques. This ensures superior flexibility and durability, allowing the board to maintain its resilience and bounce back even after prolonged use.
2) By carefully selecting high-quality maple and bamboo wood, and subjecting them to multiple intricate processes and rigorous testing, we guarantee that our boards retain their original elasticity and shape recovery capabilities, even after numerous and extended deformations. Experience the ultimate ride that combines longevity and performance with our meticulously crafted skateboards.