3000 W
28 MPH
Top Speed
22 Miles
Top Range


Small yet Mighty

Stella Mini

The design philosophy of the Stella Mini aims to create a nimble yet powerful electric skateboard, in a compact form factor. Impressing riders with its intense acceleration and fun-factor, the Stella Mini is highly praised for the exhilarating ride it delivers.

54.6V / 384Wh

13S2P Top Quality Samsung 40T

Cells Highest in Its Class.

DUAL 6355 150Kv

Dual-6355 DXW Motors, Outperforms The Competition


Hill Grade

50A ESC 3.0

Most Powerful In The Price Range



Short Deck with Kicktail For

Maximum Control



Compact and Lightweight


Stella Mini brings the starry sky beneath your board, with a captivating design inspired by the cosmos, symbolizing the integration and interconnectedness of electric skateboard technology. Not only does it boast a mesmerizing appearance, but it also represents the unity and joy of riders worldwide, sharing the thrill of riding together.

Remote Control

With 4 carefully prepared modes, from slow and friendly for Beginners, to ultra-fast for Pros. The higher the gear, the faster the acceleration, and the stronger the braking force. These modes are also user-customizable

  • sport+
    45 Km/h
  • sport
    40 Km/h
  • ECO
    30 Km/h
  • LOW
    20 Km/h
For beginners, our 4-speed mode control ensures gradual acceleration, allowing beginners to smoothly transition and adapt to different riding speeds, eliminating any hindrance to their skating experience.

For advanced riders, our Sport and Sport+ modes allow for the extreme speed and riding style they are looking for, delivering an exhilarating ride through the favorite streets of their city.

*The remote bumper shell is not included in standard package and needs to be purchased seperately.
Stella Mini

Our 45° TKP truck design ensures the board's stability during high-speed rides,

while still delivering a nimble ride and a short turning radius thanks to the smaller wheel

base. Ride confidently in any situation.

Stella Mini

The Stella Mini is fitted with a combination of 100A and 96A bushings, providing excellent rebound performance that allows

the deck to react quickly during the ride while maininting its center line, allowing you precise control of the the boards'

direction at any speed. And thanks to its ultra-short wheel base, the turning stays sharp and quick, making it the best board

for fast-paced city commuting.

Stella Mini


Linear and

Smooth Control

Experience the smoothest riding control with our extensively optimized FOC ESC, offering linear and predictable feedback from the board, in acceleration and braking. All characteristics are also user customizable.

Customize your


All characteristics of the ESC, such as power output, acceleration curve, top speed, and braking intensity, are user-customizable. For each mode, from L to S+ fit the board's behavior to your riding style.

150kv 1500W Motor
Equipped with a powerful 6355 motor, delivering an impressive 2*1500W motor peak power, allowing you to unleash the thrill of speed. Whether on flat roads or undulating terrains, the skateboard boasts abundant power, enabling you to experience the exhilarating sensation of high-speed cruising.
The combination of the robust motor and belt drive grants the skateboard a remarkable 40% hill climbing capability, allowing you to effortlessly conquer various slopes and explore every corner of the city.
With a high torque of up to 35N.m, the skateboard accelerates and starts with tremendous force, providing you with a powerful thrust during takeoff and unleashing the adrenaline-pumping excitement of rapid gliding.
High Voltage

Equipped with a 13s battery, with a voltageof 54.6V, the Stella Mini has a higher voltage output than the competition, leading to a minimal heat generation, more torque, and less voltage sag.

Samsung Battery Cell

Utilizing renowned Samsung 40T cells, designed for high power applications with a discharge rate of up to 8C, ensuring the battery can sustainably output high energy, allowing you to enjoy a thrilling and unrestricted glide.

Stella Mini ESC
The controller's peak current reaches up to 50A, providing powerful driving force for the skateboard. This allows you to accelerate rapidly, experiencing the thrill and challenge of high-speed gliding.
Inherited from our premium Ares series, our cutting-edge ESC technology has been optimized for maximum power output, delivering an electrifying ride that defies its budget-friendly price.

Experience worry-free urban exploration or long-distance cruising with Stella Mini's high-capacity

13s2p Samsung 40T battery, boasting 384WH for an impressive standard range of up to

22 miles (approximately 35.4 kilometers).

Battery Cells

Utilizing premium 40T battery cells with outstanding performance, Stella Mini offers a maximum charging current of 2.5 amps and a discharge current of up to 5 amps. Enjoy long-term battery stability with over 1000 charge-discharge cycles, eliminating the need for frequent replacements.

Internationally Certified
Fast Charger

Charging your board has never been easier and faster with our internationally certified 126W rapid charger. In just 200 minutes, your battery will be fully charged, ensuring you can quickly resume your carefree cruising after a short break.

Braking System

The Stella Mini comes equipped with a cutting-edge regenerative braking system.

Smartly converting kinetic energy into electric energy for storage and reuse,

you can enjoy a more efficient and eco-friendly skating experience. Save energy,

extend the range, and revel in energy-saving skating with this intelligent regenerative system.

Exquisite Craft, Detail Delight
Professional Integrated Racing Bearings
Experience the ACEDECK ride with confidence, thanks to premium integrated racing bearings built to withstand speeds of up to 3000 revolutions per minute. Enjoy an unrivaled gliding experience, staying stable and steady at high speeds.
Personalized Fit
Our specially designed foot concave on the deck ensures exceptional comfort by providing optimal support and cushioning, reducing foot fatigue during the ride.
Ride on, Move on
Ultimate portability
With a total length of 82 cm
and weighing 9.5 kg
Stella Mini offers extreme portability for you to enjoy skating wherever and whenever you want. Its compact design makes it easy to carry and store, fitting effortlessly in your office, apartment, or car, always ready for your adventurous ride.
Intelligent safe System, Worry-Free Skating
BMSI Battery Management Technology
We employ advanced BMSI battery management technology to provide comprehensive protection for your skating experience. You can confidently enjoy the thrill of skating without worrying about battery safety issues.
Cruise Control

The Cruise Control feature allows the rider to focus on the ride and his surroundings, while the speed stays constant.

HD Informative Screen

The high-definition screen provides ride status and technical information instantly, such as speedometer, trip range, or even motor temperature, battery voltage, and much more.


Our dual-frequency, anti-disconnection technology ensures a safe and reliable signal transmission at all times.


The rubberized coating of the remote ensures acomfortable and secure grip, with or without gloves.

Customize your ride

All Speed Modes are highly customizable, from power output and acceleration curve, to top speed and braking force.

*The remote bumper shell is not included in standard package and needs to be purchased seperately.
Remote Controller
Stella Mini
Ace Design, Steady Ride

Durable Multi-Layered Deck

The Stella Mini features a multi-layered fiberglass and maple wood deck, to ensure sturdiness and durability. Whether for daily rides or even skateboarding tricks, it will stand the test of time.

Tough and stable

TKP Trucks

Crafted through high-density and heat-treated casting, our TKP truck ensures exceptional durability and can handle intense usage, providing a safe and stable ride. With a weight capacity of up to 150kg, you can surf the streets without worry, whether you are a casual rider, or a thrill-seeker.



Thanks to our in-house PU material development, our bushings deliver superior rebound and vibration dampening, making the ride much more comfortable and reducing foot-fatique, while still enabling a stable and nimble ride.