Acedeck® 115mm Rubber Wheel - Nyx Z1, Ares X1, Ares X3, Nomad N1, Stella S1, Stella S3

Sale price$119.00 USD
OPTIONS: 115mm Rubber Wheel*4 | Ares X3| Stella S3

The 115mm rubber wheel is an extremely versatile wheel that provides a comfortable and satisfying driving experience on any road condition. With its 115mm size, it elevates your ride comfort, while increasing your top speed. The design of the material and tire tread pattern greatly increases grip, meeting the demands of high torque and delivering an exhilarating acceleration experience. If you want to keep the ride feel of a street wheel while gaining in confidence over bad roads and rougher terrain, this is the wheel fo you.
Top Features
  • Long lifespan 
  • Offers a very smooth and comfy ride, but still reactive
  • Metal core, high-quality rubber compound.
  • A great in-between of AT tires and street wheels.
  • Specification
  • Diameter: 115mm * 64mm
  • Durometer: 70A
  • Pulleys: All Kegel Pulleys  
  • Compatibility  
  •  Compatible with all boards fitted with an  Pulley, and enough clearance for the deck and trucks.
  • Ares X1/ Nomad N1 Belt Drive Version/ Ares X3/ Stella S3 are a great fit. 
  • Packing List
    115mm Rubber Wheel*1 | Ares X3| Stella S3
  • 115mm Rubber wheel*4
  • 608RS 8*22*7 Bearing*8(Pre-installed)
  • 115mm Rubber Wheel*1 | Nyx Z1 Street| Ares X1| Nomad N1
  • 115mm Rubber wheel*4
  • 6900Z(10*22*7mm) Bearing*8(Pre-installed)
  • The parts are shipped from China, and you are expected to receive the package within 12-15 days after delivery.

    For DIY riders, it's essential to assess the compatibility of purchased parts with your custom boards. Returns or exchanges are only available for product quality concerns. For quality issues, we can only provide component replacements or repairs, returns are not available. Feel free to reach out if you require assistance or have inquiries.

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