Acedeck® Ares X3 Direct Drive Electric Skateboard

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4WD Direct-Drive Electric Longboard designed for street-wheel lovers. Experience the rush of downhill longboarding without any limitations. The performance of high-end all-terrain electric skateboards, but without the rolling resistance or drive noise.

  • 4 Direct Drive Motors For Endless Torque
  • Up to 37mph Top Speed / 31 Mile Range
  • Dual 50A ESC, Paired With Molicel P42A Battery
  • CNC Precision Trucks for Maximum Stability and Control
  • Unique Carbon Fiber Unibody With Special Reinforcement 
  • Split Angle Deck
  • IP65 Water Resistance

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      Technical Specifications

      Top Speed



      Up to 50km/31miles

      Drive System

      Direct Drive


      Acedeck ESC 3.0, Dual 50A

      Ares X3: Why did we make a 4WD Direct Drive board?
      Ares X3

      Ares X3: Why did we make a 4WD Direct Drive board?

      Introducing the Ares X3: A game-changing 4WD Direct Drive board by Acedeck. Designed for street wheel enthusiasts, it redefines high-performance electric skateboards. Experience the gliding feel o...