Acedeck® Nyx Z1 Off-road Electric Skateboard Street Edition

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For The Urban Jungle

  • Industry Leading Gear Drive Technology
  • 120A ESC 3.0
  • Up to 37mph/60kph Top Speed (With 200mm wheels)
  • Range:
    1036Wh(14S4P Samsung battery)-Up to 65km/40miles
    653Wh(14S3P Molicel battery)-Up to 40km/24miles
  • Sleek Look & Premium Finish
  • Precision Trucks & Hubs
  • IP65 Water Resistance
  • 2 Configurations
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Variants: Z1 Street (653Wh)
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Dec 27th)
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    60kph/37 mph

    Top Speed

    60km/37 miles




    Lighter, Sleeker, Off-Roading Dream Maker

    Your Urban Adventure

    Advanced Gear Drive System

    2nd Gen Gear Drive

    Inherited from the acclaimed Z1 series but even 40% lighter than it.

    More Efficient

    1:4.4 gear ratio, maximizing transmission efficiency and minimizing heat dissipation.

    2000km Maintenance-free

    Custom polyurethane gear coupling. Absorb shocks and wear, extend its lifespan.

    Excellent Control

    Exclusively fine-tuned ESC, with maximum 120A output.Seamless acceleration and braking.

    Extended Range

    The battery cell in 14s configuration.58.8v output, 17% less heat dissipation, with a lighter board design, it can take you much further.

    Endless Power

    6384 motor x 2, outshine competition with a maximum 7000w output.

    Urban Off-roading Made Easy

    Precision Perfected Truck Engineering

    Revamped axle structure ensures laser-focused steering and unmatched traction.

    Newly optimized truck design and PU hardness, delivering excellence rebounce.

    Crafted from special 17-4PH stainless steel, new kingpin and axles offer unparalleled material hardness and bend-defying performance.

    Innovative self-lubricating brass-graphite bushings, eliminating the hassle of lubrication while ensuring flawless self-lubrication properties.

    Tough Yet Flexible

    The deck is constructed from layered bamboo, Canadian maple, carbon fiber, and fiberglass to offer toughness and flexibility to conquer any type of terrian.

    Tubeless Tires

    Designed exclusively with Hota, our 180mm tire showcase the latest technology for urban exploring. With reinforced walls that withstand high pressure and prevent punctures, the tire maintains stability and reduces energy consumption.

    Aesthetic Masterpiece